Mrudula Madireddy

Product Architect, KMBST Global

Mrudula Madireddy

Product Architect, KM BST Global
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Mrudula Madireddy is a Product Architect at BST Global. She has 19 years of IT experience, specializing in knowledge management, project and resource management, and opportunity management.

She has worked for BST Global for 12 years. Her current focus is on Knowledge Management, specifically in Self Service Reporting and Power BI. She has been instrumental in bringing to market Version 1.0 of the BST8 Self Service Reporting Product. During her tenure at BST, Mrudula has been instrumental in shaping the functional aspects of Project and Resource Management modules in BST10 along with other areas.

Prior to joining BST Global, she worked with Micron Technologies, a semiconductor manufacturing company for 7 years in various capacities including software development, project management, and business analysis. Mrudula has a Master’s in Geotechnical Engineering.