Greg Gingold

Senior Consultant, USBST Global

Greg Gingold

Senior Consultant, US BST Global
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Greg Gingold has been a member of the BST team for over 28 years and has been a major part of the development of both the initial Ingres product as well as software development of the BST Enterprise product. Greg is currently part of the Consulting team doing conversions, training, and custom applets that connect to the Enterprise database.

Greg’s major contributions have been the complete design and programming of the Enterprise Procurement modules of which he trains and consults with many clients. Greg is also responsible for many BST tools, one of which is the new BST Reporter, as well as the new BST Trends Inquiries.

Before arriving at BST, Greg was a consultant at Price Waterhouse for 3 years and an aircraft systems engineer doing flight simulation for 9 years at British Aerospace.