There’s no other time like BST Global’s PowerUp 2019 for clients to come together from all over the world to learn, connect, and get inspired. You may be new to BST – or you may be a seasoned, super user – either way, all BST users are welcome to attend PowerUp 2019. Whether it’s something you learn from one of our incredible speakers, or from a one-on-one conversation with a product expert, you can expect to leave the conference with something new and exciting to bring back to the table.


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It’s really fantastic to network with not just the BST staff, but also with a range of other like-minded professionals. There’s so much information in the moment, and sometimes you don’t know where to turn or who to speak to next – but it’s a really good feeling that no matter who I’ve sat down with, I’ve learned something.

Bruce Morrison

Company Name : Urbis
Designation : Finance Director

One of the great things about PowerUp is meeting the different BST staff members that I talk to all the time on the phone – we not only get that personal connection, but we also get some of our biggest challenges solved on the spot.

Joan Norster

Company Name : GHD
Designation : Principal

We come back to PowerUp each year for the relationships – that’s the most important thing. We get to meet new people, discuss issues, and figure out how we can all work together to make our companies more efficient.

Holli Moeini

Company Name : Parametrix
Designation : Executive Vice President and CFO

We attend every PowerUp. We find it very beneficial to come and learn what new features BST is including in the product, and to meet other companies using the product. We create a network where, if we need some assistance or different ideas on how to approach a specific application or topic, we have the right people to go to.

Judi Eburn

Company Name : GEI Consultants
Designation : Controller

I have been a long-time attendee of PowerUp. From getting face time with different BST employees, to helping steer where the product is going, to networking with other users – there are just so many benefits to attending the conference.

Karen Delgado

Company Name : Maser Consulting
Designation : Corporate Systems Manager

PowerUp is important for us to attend because it allows us to see what’s happening with the product and is a great opportunity to talk to BST representatives. But also, what’s just as important, is we get to connect with the other clients and we get to see how they’re leveraging the tool for their own businesses.

Clinton O’Brien

Company Name : Cardno
Designation : Vice President, Business Systems


Now that you’re convinced about PowerUp – it’s time to convince your boss! Use the letter template below to educate leadership on the benefits of attending PowerUp 2019 this October. Who knows, maybe they’ll want to join us, too!